Current sponsors are listed on the sponsorship level pages.



You may also choose to sponsor a player. The DOUBLE level sponsorship would be the one for this. Contact Us to let us know if you are interested in sponsoring a player.

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Your support is greatly appreciated by all members of the organization and team. Your contribution goes a long way in ensuring that the best team can be assembled from Greek players worldwide that will proudly represent our country and the ideals that Greece was founded upon.

Become Part of the Team!

Your sponsorship makes you part of the team which means you share all the triumphs and defeats (not many we hope) with us.

Most of all though, you will be helping to build an organization for Greek brotherhood in a sport that is not so common in Greece and which Greek youth can aspire to and look forward to joining one day.


Making your Contribution

Contributions are made through Paypal by following the "Contribute" link which is NOT active yet.

You do not need a PayPal account when using payPal. You will have the option to use a Credit Card if you like when going through the process.

In the meantime, please contact Tom Mazarakis at if interested in sponsorship at any level.