Hellas Baseball has many new prospects in the active process of obtaining eligibility status to be on the team. Some will be ready for this summer's 2018 C Pool Championship in Ireland while others will be ready to join the team in 2019.

These prospects are current active players in colleges and universities across the USA and Canada as well as independent leagues and elite baseball programs. The list is updated regularly.


(Left to Right)

Stephen Andreopoulos,  Humber College , Toronto

Dean Christidis,  University of Toronto

Mateos Kekatos,  University of Toronto

Dimitri Stamatopoulos,  Ontario Blue Jays


LHP   Chris Chigas,   Independent

LHP   Dean Christidis   University of Toronto

RHP   Max Karnos,   Western Nevada College

RHP   Mateos Kekatos   University of Toronto

RHP   Niko Leontarakis,  Tallahassee Community College

RHP   Dimitri Lettas,   Elon University

RHP   Nikolas Lettas,   High Point University


RHP   Dylan Mouzakes,   Clebourne Railroaders

RHP   Nick Pantos,   University of Maryland

RHP   Taso Stathopoulos,   Rhode Island University

RHP   Dimitri Stamatopoulos,   Ontario Blue Jays

RHP   Anthony Tzamtzis,   A-TBR  2014

RHP   Nick Vidas,   Oakton Community College

RHP   Noah Zavolas,   Harvard University


Dionysus Chialtas,      Ontario Blue Jays

Christ Conley,       Canisius College

James Kottaras,          Foothills Baseball

Spencer Muirhead,     University of Toronto


Robert Dumas,   Empire League NY

John Kalivas,   Carleton University

Nick Kanavas,   Kent state

Mateos Kekatos,   University of Toronto


Dominic Anagnos,   South Eastern University

Stephen Andreopoulos,   Humber College

Mark Pappas,  Independent

George Tsiflikiotis,   Ontario Terriers

Demetre Zoumboulakos,   Kingston University


Ari Sechopoulos,   Charleston Athletics

Max Karnos,   Western Nevada College

Zachary Koroneos,   Penn State Harrisburg