Listed below are the team's most recent Championship tournaments.

Our main goal is to qualify for the 2019 A Pool European Championship tournament that is a qualifier for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

To return to the A Pool Championship being held in late 2019, Hellas needs to place in the top 3 at the 2018 C Pool Championship in Ireland and then win the B Pool Championship in 2019.

The National Team roster consists of Current players that are eligible to play and Prospects that are in the process of obtaining their eligibility to play on the team. Prospects will be added to the Current Eligible roster as soon as eligibility is obtained.

Tournament teams are selected according to player availability and have to meet the Confederation of European Baseball roster size limits.

2018 European Championships "Pool C"

Dublin, Ireland  July 23-29, 2018


Hellas is preparing to compete at the Pool C Championship round this summer.

The Championship takes place in 2 divisions ... one hosted by Ireland and the other by the Ukraine.

The 2 winners of the divisions plus a 3rd wild card team will advance to the Pool B Championships in 2019.

Teams in the Ireland division

Ireland, Greece, Finland, Norway and Slovenia

Teams in the Ukraine division

Ukraine, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary and Romania.


2017 European Championships "Pool B"

Belgrade, Serbia  July 24-30, 2017


This wasn't one of Hellas' better tournaments as they finished in last place with a 1-4 record and a trip to the "Pool C" Championship in 2018. The one win though came against Israel, one of the tournament favourites, and it sparked a renewed commitment to search for new players that will help the team win in 2018 and then continue moving forward.

Jonathan Kountis, Hellas' hard throwing right-hander, silenced Israel's bats for 9 full innings, racking up 15 strikeouts while going toe-to toe with Israel's pitcher who matched Kountis for most of the game ... until the 8th inning. Entering the bottom of the 8th down 1-0, Hellas was faced with a 2-out situation and runners on 1st and 3rd. Max Warren, Hellas' center-fielder turned shortstop, laced a 2-strike double into the gap in left-centre that scored the tying run and the go ahead run as Jamie Lekas raced around the bases from 1st base.

The winner of the tournament was Austria who went undefeated and who now faces Lithuania, the winner of the other B-Pool tournament that was taking place in Poland at the same time. One of these teams will advance to Pool A for their 2019 championship and entry to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. The other remains in Pool B and awaits the winners of the 2018 Pool C Championship for another Pool B Championship in 2019 which will determine the final entry to Pool A.

Teams that were in our division :  Austria   Bulgaria    Hellas    Israel     Serbia   Switzerland


STANDING  (left to right)

Tom Mazarakis   General Manager
Jonathan Kountis
Angelos Argyropoulos
Jimmy Lomis
Pete Maestrales
Andy Orfanakos
George Tsouloufas

STANDING  (cont ... left to right)

John Bissylas      Coach
Alex Lomis
Mike Loizides    Coach
Joseph Vreonis  Manager
Konstantinos Kanellopoulos

FRONT ROW (left to right)

Theon Bourdaniotis
Panos Cheilakis
Costas Kapothanasis
Andreas Bissylas   Batboy
Alex Gounaris
Jamie Lekas
Max Warren

2016 European Championships Pool "A"

Amsterdam (Hoofddorp), The Netherlands   Sep. 9-18, 2016

One could not have asked for better baseball weather than the baseball Gods gave for this tournament. The best in 150 years for this time of the year according to the local residents although we were hard-pressed to find anyone that age to verify the claim.

Hellas was also hard-pressed to remain in Pool "A". Our 1-6 record relegated us to Pool "B" along with Russia whom Hellas beat 3-1 in our 2nd last game of the tournament behind the stellar complete game, 6 hitter 9 strikeout pitching performance by Jonathan Kountis and timely hitting of Dimitri Kourtis who drove in 2 runs.

Holland 2016 A Pool

STANDING  (left to right)

Manager Ivan Rodriguez
Alex Gounaris
George Andrews
Angelos Argyropoulos
Joe Vrionis
Theon Bourdaniotis
Andy Orfanakos
Jonathan Kountis
Peter Sikaras
Dimitri Kourtis
Nikos Lekkas

STANDING  (left to right)

Coach John Bissylas
Chris Christopoulos
Deeno Mandis
Alex Lomis
George Soulis
General Manager and Coach Tom Mazarakis

SEATED  (left to right)

Dionysios Marathionitis
Chris Soulis
Konstantionos Kanellopoulos
Max Warren
Jordan Thliveras
Jamie Lekas
George Tsouloufas
Dimitri Lomis
Costas Kapothanasis
Harry Koulos
Jason Zachos