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Birth of a Team




2004 stadium

2004     After qualifying for the Olympic Games in Athens, Robert Derksen, his coaching staff, and the Angelos family immediately went about the task of assembling an even better team in order to play in the Olympics at the highest possible level.

However, several incidents of bad luck all of a sudden plagued the team.

Within 3 months of the Olympics, three of the team’s four starting pitchers were seriously injured and had to be removed from the roster. As if all this was not enough, the team’s architect, Robert Derksen, suddenly died of a heart attack on June 16, 2004, only 2 months before the games were to begin.

Despite the team’s bad luck and the tragic loss of Robert Derksen, the Greek Olympic team, consisting of 19 Greek Americans, 2 Greek-Canadians, and 2 Greeks from the local Greek league, played in the Athens Olympics and played very well. Greece may have only won one game out of the 7 they played, nonetheless they consistently played well and in no way embarrassed themselves, the sport, Greece, or the Olympic Games.

Probably the highlight of the Greek Olympic Games experience was the game against the eventual Gold Medal team of Cuba. In that game, Greece kept the Cuban bats relatively silent allowing only 5 runs, while the Greek hitters managed to score 4 runs. A very close game that was far too close for the Cuban manager’s comfort. The story of Greece’s near defeat of the Cubans made sports news all around the world!