Citizenship requirement for player eligibility

In order to be able to play baseball for the Greek National Team, you need to become a Greek citizen so that you will be able to obtain a Greek ID card or Greek Passport.

There are 2 different ways that a Greek-American, Greek-Canadian or anyone else with Greek heritage  can obtain their Greek citizenship.

1st Way       FAMILY  HERITAGE

This involves producing documents that prove that you have a valid claim to Greek citizenship.  The documentation that each person needs will depend on their particular family situation.  This is depends on how far back your Greek heritage goes.  Specifically, we need to know who was the last person in your family history to have been born in Greece or who had Greek citizenship.  Was it your father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, great-grandfather, or great-grandmother, etc.? Then, for each person between them and their Greek born ancestor, they will need to obtain birth certificates and marriage certificates, and then each birth and marriage will need to be registered in Greece.

The National Team General Manager, Tom Mazarakis can provide assistance with this process.

Email  GM Tom Mazarakis at   or

Complete the email form on the Contact Us page.


This method is easier as it does not require as much paperwork, but will usually take 6 months to a year.  Logically, you may not be able to get your citizenship in time for the upcoming 2018 tournament in Dublin this way, but there will be other tournaments in the not too distant future.  Therefore, the sooner you get working on it the sooner you will be able to wear the uniform and play for Greece!


College and/or any professional experience.


Contact either Tom, John or Rye if you are interested or have any other questions. If emailing then send to all of us.

Our next tournament is July 23-29 in Dublin, Ireland for the European "C" Pool Championships which we need to win in order to advance to the "B" Pool Championships in 2019.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

GM Tom Mazarakis  Athens, Greece


Coach John Bissylas Toronto, Canada

Tel:  1.416.720.5537


Head Scout/Coach  Rye Pothakos Saskatoon, Canada

Tel:  1.639.471.8009