Tom Mazarakis


Tom Mazarakis has been the General Manager for the Greek National Baseball Team as a volunteer since 2005. He is also the Manager for the newly assembled Panathinaikos Baseball club in Athens.

In the year 2000, a baseball league was created in Greece and Tom has been an active participant with the sport ever since. He continues to champion its merits and values as a sport worthy of support from the sports Ministry in Greece.

Tom was born in Manhattan and grew up in the Bronx.  Just as most first generation Greek Americans, his father, Nicholas, loved the game of baseball.  He naturally taught his son everything he knew about the game and Tom loved every aspect of the sport.

His father made a career change that took the family to Greece in late 1970 when Tom was still only 15 years old.  From 1970 and on, Tom lived in Greece where he led a relatively regular life, but without baseball.  He married a nice Greek girl, Penny, and they raised two sons, Nicholas and Emmanuel, who, of course, both learned to love the game of baseball despite the fact that the sport was virtually unknown in Greece.

John Bissylas


John Bissylas is a current coach of the Greek National Baseball Team.

John was born in Toronto, Canada to Greek parents from Athens and Sparta. Like Tom at an early age, his parents moved the family to Athens where he attended English-speaking schools including high school at the American Community Schools of Athens like Tom did. In 1970 he played baseball in the ACS league on the same baseball grounds that were coincidentally used for the 2004 Olympics.  After returning to Toronto, he continued playing baseball and coached high school ball for 25 years.

As fate would have it 25 years later in 1999, he met Panos Mitsiopoulos the current president of HABF while on a visit to Greece, and contributed to helping get the ball rolling with the National Team by setting up the first meeting between HABF and MLB International in New York the following year.

In 2016, John rounded the bases by becoming a coach for Hellas Baseball.