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Hellenic Amateur Baseball Federation

Baseball in Greece is regulated by the Hellenic Amateur Baseball Federation (HABF), which was founded in 1997. It's first goals were to prepare a National Team for the 2004 Athens Olympic games held in Greece and establish a development league for players living in Greece.

Hellas National Baseball Team

The Hellas National Team first major international tournament was the 2004 Athens Olympics. Since then the team has participated in numerous European Championships and Cups, most recently at the 2016 European Pool "A" Championship in The Netherlands. The team players are Greeks from all over the world and from the existing development league in Greece which is mainly based in Athens.

Meet the Team

Many people make up the team ... organizers, coaches and players.

Here are just a few of them.

Panos Mitsiopoulos


Hellenic Amateur

Baseball Federation


Panos has been the president since the beginning.

Tom Mazarakis

General Manager

Hellas National

Baseball Team

Tom has been the GM since 2005 and also has been instrumental in forming the local Greek Baseball League.

Ivan Manager
Ivan Rodrigues


Hellas National

Baseball Team

Ivan joined the team as the manager for the 2016 European Championships in The Netherlands.

John Bissylas


Hellas National

Baseball Team

John joined the team as a coach in 2016 for the European Championships in The Netherlands.

The Players

No team is a team without the players. See who they are.

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